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In length and size its roughly the size of the fujifilm 14mm f2. The frame above is a sample interior architectural shot, processed normally in lightroom, but with no correction for the lens. Top 10 best rokinon cinema lenses for the canon ef mount. Cant remember which lens off the top of my head, but i think it was the 55210mm. Have you tried choosing the custom setup option when applying the lens profile. You can search these forums, i uploaded a rokinon 14mm lens profile to some thread. Your best bet is to use the lens profile that is available in adobe lightroom and camera raw bridge, which can correct distortion perfectly. Hi, i recently picked up the 12mm rokinon and the a6000. The main drawback of this lens is the extreme geometric distortion is shows of. For me, the pros far outweigh the cons for the rokinon 12mm f2. After you copied the file into the lens correction profile folder you manually select the nikon as make and select the rokinon lens profile see below of detailed instructions. I enable the lens profile in lightroom 5 and the zeiss touit 12mm f2. At the moment october, 2015 i believe the rokinon 12mm f2.

The goal of this release is to provide additional camera raw support and lens profile support, and to address bugs that were introduced in previous releases of lightroom. The product comes with a removable lens hood and 67 mm filter mount. I mainly use this lens for landscapes shot on a tripod where i would manual focus anyway. It does this by reading the exif so it knows exactly what camera, lens. If youre a mirrorless camera user in search of a third party lens, you could be in luck. Lenshero evaluates canon eos 7d mark ii lenses made by rokinon to find the best. These existing lens profiles were updated for slight quality improvements in camera raw 7. Apr 15, 2014 samyang ultra wide lens 12mm is a new lens for mirrorless evil cameras.

Rokinon rokinon 12mm wide angle clouds dramatic sky mountains california topanga topanga canyon sony sony alpha sony a6000 tuna canyon tuna canyon park. Calibration note for samyang and other manual focus lens. I have trouble getting the right lens profiles for my samyang 12mm f2 and 8mm f 2. What to do when lightroom cant find your lens profile. Providing a 35mmequivalent focal length of 18mm and a broad 98. I, along with most other photographers, am probably most interested in the performance of the lens. Adobe has yet to supply any samyang brand lens profiles for any camera. Both cost and quality are evaluated at every turn, so youll never have to worry about blowing your budget or compromising production value. There is more lens correction software out there, like pttools and kekus and i forget who else. Find out how to avoid lens flare, rack focus shots, and match footage from different cameras. Samyang lens profiles photoshop family customer community. The goal of this release is to provide additional camera raw support, lens profile support and address bugs that were introduced in previous releases of lightroom.

You know, it kinda has a smooth, sorta focus ring there,but the aperture ring. I attach a homemade preset see zip file below anyone with lightroom may try it out for the samyang 12mm f2 which corrects distortion and evens out the vignetting. Samyang 8mm does not provide apperture and any other lens data. Sep 30, 2014 flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Rokinon announces two new mirrorless lenses for portrait. Please send any suggestions, error reports and lens profile photos to ajt. So, adobe lens profile creator thought, it is 50mm lens with undefined apperture. I have trouble getting the right lens profiles for my samyang 12mm f2 and 8mm f2. These lens profiles were released previously but were updated in 3.

Screenshot taken on lightroom cc, no extra profile installed. Ontdek welke lensprofielen adobe photoshop, lightroom en camera. But lr doesnt have lens corrections for any of them. This manual focus prime lens offers impressive sharpness and excellent image quality, all in a highly portable and compact package. Lightroom uses the make and the model of the lens to filter the list of displayed profiles, as determined from the exif data or selectable from the dropdown lists, as well as the file type raw or jpeg. How to force lightroom to use a specific lens profile. Despite being listed as a 180 degree diagonal fisheye lens, it somehow manages to squeeze in more angle of view both. This page is systemrequired for presenting the valuable standard test results linked to above. The lens mount is metal and the lens is also compact. Its light weight 245 g and compact shapes make it a perfect solution for mirrorless cameras of smaller sizes. Yeah, so these lenses come in a couple different styles,this one i have here, which we actually shot withat the flight trampoline park,this is a 16 mm f2, specifically designedfor the micro four thirds system,and this is a traditional photo lens. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone. Do you know if one can get the lens profile for lightroom for correction.

The lens produces an image circle that will cover apsc sized sensors or smaller. Yes and the executable for either win or mac are on the page i gave this pdf is right next to them. There is a thirdparty cropframe lens profile for the 14mm f2. In this section ill talk about and show pictures to demonstrate the rokinon 12mm f2. The rokinon 16mm f2 is a very special lens because it is one of the first wideangle fastaperture primes ever made specifically for apsc cropsensor dslr cameras. The easiest way to provide this data, is to update dng calibration files with simple script. These lenses are identical and from the same factory. Since i am a beginner when it comes to photography, can you tell me exactly how to you set up the lens according to for example, if you set an aperture of f4 and focus at about 7 feet out, everything from 3 feet to infinity will be in focus. The picture below shows the a comparison shot of the d700 lens profile against the combined profile for my for my d600. The rokinon 35mm is a great choice for canon shooters of both apsc crop and full frame cameras.

Ive verified that ive imported a raw file and i also downloaded the adobe lens profile downloader, but dont see any of the lenses. I realize this question has already been asked but going through last years thread i still cant get an answer as to whether there is a lens profile available for lightroom for the samyang 12 mm, f2. Zie hieronder voor tips over het werken met lensprofielen, evenals. Optical construction of the lens comprises 12 elements divided into 10 groups, these components include one asherical lens asp and one hybrid aspherical lens hasp. I recently acquired a rokinon 14mm ultra wide angle lens. Samyang ultra wide lens 12mm is a new lens for mirrorless evil cameras. This release also includes a new guided upright feature for. Rich harrington and robbie carman team up in video gear to discuss the latest and greatest equipment for video production and post. Just wondering if anyone can answer my question, i have a samyang 12mm 2. Mostly what it did was fix the distortion and vignette that was visible.

Hello everybody, after updating lightroom to version 6. Lightroom lens profile for samyangrokinon 12 mm, f2 fuji. Whats one of the best parts about being a video professional. Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Unfollow rokinon lens to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. I found the devignetting a little on the overpowering side.

In this course, they discuss some of the most popular cameras for video production, like the blackmagic ursa 4k, sony alpha a7, olympus omd em1, and canon 5d mark iii. I have both the 8mm ultra wide fisheye and rokinon 14mm wide angle lens. I just had a quick look and i see lens profiles listed for rokinon 12mm f2 ncs cs and same entry under. Samyang 12mm f2 ncs cs, canon, fujifilm, olympus, panasonic, samsung, sony e, 6. Based on the lens profiles from sven stork and thomas berndt, i renamed and adjusted the samyang rokinon 14mm f2.

Im sure theres a profile out there for the dslr 8mm version. Youll be returned to lightroom with the adjusted image loaded into your library with edit appended to the name. What is the correct, standard exif metadata to add for. For use with a follow focus unit, the focus and aperture rings feature industrystandard 0.

When in lightroom, you can set up the lens profile default for whatever tag you come up with. Unfortunately lightroom does not come with a lens profile. Lens mount x canon ef canon efs canon ef fullframe canon efm four thirds fuji x leica m leica t micro four thirds nikon 1 nikon f nikon fx nikon dx pentax k pentax q samsung nx samsung nxm sigma sa sony alpha sony alpha dt sony alpha fullframe sony e sony e full frame. This is a completely manual lens, which slows you down and gets you to put more thought into your photography. Today, rokinon announced the release of their new high speed 21mm f1. Use these results to compare the rokinon samyang 24mm f1. This samyang rokinon 14mm lens profile lens profile wil correct a lot for most full frame cameras if not try one of the profiles created by sven and thomas.

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